Installation, configuration, customization, updates, troubleshooting, and support.

We provide complete lifecycle support for your business applications and thereby freeing you to attend to your core business without the overhead of a full time employee. Our subject matter experts provide you with professional support to keep your business running smoothly.

Indexing And Search

Customize your enterprise search to make your documents easy to find for your organization and also provide a unique search interface for your public content.

Search and find your document easily regardless of their format. We customize the technology used and methods according to your data size and need ranging from small scale to large datasets.

Disaster RecoveryHigh Availability

Your critial business applications need to be available to your users. We help design systems to maximize uptimes and speed up recovery during a downtime.

Data AndServices Security

Data and web application security is essential for all businesses with networked systems.

It is even more critial to organizations that store client information, payment information, bank accounts and critical business files. We perform risk assessment and help you define your data security strategy.

Data Analysis and Processing

Process datasets to extract useful information.

Critical data may be hidden in large datasets and logs. Having a repeatable process to extract this information can reveal valuable data to your business.